Your Space Team

Your Space Team

The Your Space team comprises a range of dedicated, talented people who each bring their individual experiences and perspectives to their roles.

Your Space is overseen by a governing body – made up of six trustees – which is responsible for ensuring that the work we undertake is delivered professionally and that our charitable status is maintained through effective administration and the appropriate use of funds.

Our trustees work closely with the Charity Manager and the permanent staff and volunteers who make up the Your Space team.


Rachel Hancocks - Our Team at Your Space Wales
Your Space Charity Manager/ Co-Founder

Rachel Hancocks

I had worked within the care sector for over 18 years, supporting and teaching a range of individuals with varying learning differences, and also both adults and children on the autistic spectrum before setting up Your Space. I recognised a huge gap in services for children and young people with autism within the North East Wales region, and used my professional experience to set up a once weekly club initially based in Black Park , Chirk.
From there on, the charity has continued to deliver and expand its services.
I am driven by the need of the families I meet and the children give me the inspiration to make things happen. They continue to teach me so much and I strive for them to feel empowered, accepted and awesome!

Your Space Volunteer coordinator/ Trustee

Debbie Moody

I started at your space when my 2 eldest children, who are both autistic, had grown up and no longer demanded my attention. The main reason for joining the team was to support others, as I didn’t like to think of others feeling as alone as I did when the children were younger.
Your space has given me so much. Support, focus, ways to cope with situations but also gave me the ability to help other deal with their issues.
Seeing the difference in families once they have come to us gives a great deal of job satisfaction and pride to be happy art of a team that makes a difference.

Your Space Family Outreach Officer

Helen Bowness Hughes

I joined Your Space over 3 years ago to lead some of the Sports Activity sessions. I was keen to gain further experience within an ASD field and was excited at the opportunity to combine this with my love of sport.
I have since switched roles and am now a Parent/Family Outreach Worker which is a position that gives me an incredible amount of satisfaction and fulfilment

Your Space Project Manager

Andrea Rimmer

I first came across Your Space, when my two boys started attending the Siblings sessions. The staff were amazing and the children were always happy.
One day I asked a team leader if I could help in any way. Soon afterwards, I received a call to say that a role had become available to raise funds for the charity. The hours of work were perfect and given my previous project management and administration experience, I applied. I’ve not looked back since!
Seeing the difference we make to the lives of autistic young people and their families, makes all the hard work worthwhile. I am never alone in my role, as the team is supportive, dedicated and caring; all pulling together to offer such a valuable service.
It is a pleasure to come to work.

Tamara Hall - Our Team at Your Space Wales
Your Space Project Manager (Maternity Leave)

Tamara Hall

Volunteer Social Media And Technical Support

Martin Webb


Activity Leader

Paul Hancocks

Activity Leader

Debra Davies

Hi, my name is Deb, I’ve worked at your space for 17months now. I started as a worker but have progressed to leader. I came to your space because I was interested in working with children on the spectrum as I have a son with Autism and I wanted to learn more

Activity Leader

Cain Edwards

I started my journey at Your Space in 2013 as an activity worker at the age of 18, alongside being a teaching assistant. When I joined the team I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do career wise but always had an interest in working with young people who have autism. This job has given me the opportunity to develop new skills, access training courses and build amazing relationships with both young people who attend and the staff team.
I have progressed in my role and in 2015 I became an Activity Leader. I currently work in the Saturday social session, ball skills, climbing, young adults, life skills and siblings. It has been astonishing seeing so many of our young people grow up to be incredible individuals and to be part of that journey with them.
I am currently in my final year in university training to be a learning disability nurse. My time at Your Space has given me great experiences to be able to use within my training. In Your Space we don’t only work with the young people, we work with the whole family and this has been a very rewarding part within my job role.

Activity Leader

Rachel Mazzarella

I started working at Your Space in early 2013. Supporting children and young people with autism and related conditions had been something I had always wanted to do. I currently support and lead on certain club sessions.
Even though my role can be challenging, the rewards are greater!
It is fulfilling to see our service users, who are all amazing individuals; participate, engage and socialise in the sessions and grow in confidence.
I am passionate about my role and this also gives me the drive to encourage other individuals/students to work in this area.

Activity Workers

Your Space Activity Worker

Damian Hones

Your Space Activity Worker

Lewis Tesseyman

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Your Space Activity Worker

Sally Griffiths

Dummy Image
Your Space Activity Worker

David Evans

Your Space Activity Worker

Sarah Birch

Your Space Activity Worker

Chloe Beckley

I starting volunteering at Your Space when I was 15 years old and have recently become a paid activity worker. I volunteered in Your Space for 11 months before my paid position and I feel it has made my confidence grow lots!
I have had experience with Autism before Your Space, one being living with my Autistic Uncle. Autism is a unique condition and affects each individual differently and Your Space has really opened my eyes about different traits of the condition. You never know what to expect from the moment you walk into each session and I wouldn’t have it any other way, I always walk out of each session feeling rewarded and feeling I have made a difference to at least one person’s life.
I have had Autism and ADHD training, social skills training, epilepsy training, mental health awareness training, safeguarding and I have also learnt simple Makaton. I have just left school, gaining 14 GCSEs from grades A* to B and I am currently studying A level, biology, chemistry, psychology and Welsh Baccalaureate at college. I am looking to go to Liverpool John Moores University in 2020 to study forensic anthropology and still work at Your Space at holiday club. I joined Your Space to expand my knowledge on Autism and other conditions and I feel the children need support like Your Space give. I feel what the Your Space team does as a whole is amazing and I am honestly proud to be able to say that I am part of that team. I am one of few people who say they enjoy going to work.

Your Space Activity Worker

Martin Webb

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Your Space Activity Worker

Tom Evans


Your Space Volunteer

Andrew Edwards

I find volunteering at Your Space very fulfilling, especially with the youngsters, as it reminds me of some of my personality when I was their age.
Looking after them has given me an added maturity and responsibility that I never thought I would attain before joining Your Space. I take what I have learned by dealing with the children into my everyday life.
I feel passionately about Your Space and the current and future success of the charity as they took a chance on me that I feel that I will unlikely be able to repay.
That is why I put in the hard work throughout 2018 to organise the Fundraising Event, that took place in October 2018, as I feel passionately about the potential growth of Your Space. With hard work and the correct funding, they could provide extra future services to families on top of the wonderful support we currently offer.

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Your Space Volunteer

Shaun Cunningham

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Your Space Volunteer

Robyn Knight

Your Space Volunteer

Zara Webb

I started volunteering at your space because I wanted to make a difference. After seeing the struggles my brother and sister had growing up I wanted to do something to show others that being different is ok

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Your Space Volunteer

Angie Cunningham


Vincent Leahy - Our Team at Your Space Wales
Your Space Treasurer Trustee

Vincent Leahy

Andrea Hones - Our Team at Your Space Wales
Your Space Chair Of Trustees

Andrea Hones

Your Space Fundraising Trustee

Debbie Moody

Charlotte Roberts - Our Team at Your Space Wales
Your Space Trustee (maternity leave)

Charlotte Roberts

Karen Williams - Our Team at Your Space Wales
Your Space fundraising Trustee

Karen Williams

Dummy Image
Your Space Technology Trustee

Hugh Valentine

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